Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Solutions: The Hex Factor v2011 (level D100)

Similar to the past editions, we also created a mysterious little box for this year's edition. Aside from a subtle hint 'Tic Tac' (after 1 year almost completely washed away by greasy fingers ;-) (see pic)), this secret box did not reveal much about its inner workings. However, participants were able to figure it out quite fast once they noticed the hint on the screen "Darth Vader theme".

However, even when understanding what was expected, this was no guarantee on success, as we saw quite some people having a hard time finding the correct rhythm ;-)

So, what was the solution? See here:

Solutions: The Hex Factor v2012 - Level D100 from KVB on Vimeo.

Keep an eye on our blog, as of today we'll be releasing the solutions to the v2011 challenges on a weekly basis.

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