Monday, May 10, 2010

Solutions: The Hex Factor v2009 (Level A100)

As we are in the progress of designing and implementing the 2010 version of The Hex Factor, I guess it is time to save people from their agony and publish the solutions for the different levels on the 2009 version which was run on BruCON (Sep 09) and SANS London (Dec 09). As a reminder, these were the categories and levels:
  • Once upon a time - History and Culture around hacking with levels A100, A200
  • Pwned - Breaking into systems and applications with levels B100, B200, B300
  • Binary Fu -Reverse engineering with levels C100, C200, C300
  • Out of the Box - Crazy and rand() stuff with levels D100, D200, D300

From now on we will try to post the solutions every few weeks up to the point where v2010 is being released. First off all, here are the solutions for "Once upon a time - History and Culture around hacking A100"

Most of these questions can be found by using online search engines, whenever extra steps are required to solve a given question these are explained below the applicable question.

Question: What is the nickname of security guru RGFtZW9uIEQuIFdlbGNoLUFiZXJuYXRoeQ==?
In order to solve this question a BASE64 decoder should be used to decode the security guru's name. When doing this the following name is decoded: Dameon D. Welch-Abernathy, this name can then be googled resulting in the below answer.
Answer: Phoneboy

Question: What is the name of this device, invented by Mr. Draper?

Answer: Blue Box

Question: In which movie was this hack performed?
Simply by googling "nmap in movies" the answer to the question is provided.

Answer: The Matrix Reloaded

Question: Who hacked a famous media company from a copy center, using an 8-year old computer and a keyboard with 6 keys missing? He’s also known as “the hacker without a home”?
Answer: Adrian Lamo

Question: In what movie plays character ‘David’ Tic-Tac-Toe with a computer?
Answer: Wargames

Question: Decode the following:

Answer: Hackerspace

Question: What is the number of the payphone, located in the lobby of the New York Times building in Manhattan?
There is a website that is holds all the payphone numbers on this site you can search for the payphone of the New York Times building.
Answer: (212) 221-9508

Question: What’s the name of the candyshop, located at “Digue Gaston Berthe”?
This can be found using google maps streetmap and "walking" the street Digue Gaston Berthe.
Answer: Au Festival des Saveurs

Do you dare to take on The Hex Factor in 2010? Get your tickets now for BruCON (September, Brussels) or at SANS London (December, London)

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